Phyllis Redler(non-registered)
Great new photos. Enjoying the depth of your work.
Phyllis A Redler
Boy with the folded flag is my favorite. Was looking for your new work.
Phil Wyde(non-registered)
Bill, finally the link worked. I think that you have a very unique eye. I was very struck with your composition, color combinations, black and white and subjects. I never would have thought of taking some of the pictures that you have taken -- but will now. Very nice!
Ed Slater(non-registered)
Your work is beautiful!
Connie Jones(non-registered)
Wow...You are an amazing guy. Loved all of your shots.
Dave Orkin(non-registered)
What a delightful time I had browsing through your website. I am very impressed with the time and dedication that it must have taken to produce such outstanding art. Your colors are wonderful and I am so impressed with the quality and detail on your black and white photos. The portrayal of the “street people” is marvelous and the statue of the boy holding the flag has special significance to me based upon the work I do with veterans. You are very talented and I look forward to watching your continued growth.
Al Schepis(non-registered)
I had the pleasure of seeing your photos and listening to you at Valencia Reserve last night.
Know that you really inspired a budding photographer.

Al Schepis
Elisabeth Murray(non-registered)
Congratulations, Bill , on your well structured website and beautiful pictures. I love your work! I very much enjoy your colourful "patterns" - simple and very eyecatching! Appreciated having met you personally and hope to be part of the FINE ART class soon again. Keep showing your inspiring images.
Dale Kirk(non-registered)
Bill I am so excited and proud of your work and committing to build this website, it has been on my list too, for toooo long. I want you to to know I admire and look forward to seeing your work each week.again congrats on a job well done!
Jackie Goldstein(non-registered)
Bill- loved looking at your web ,your work, and the photo club continue to make me "think outside the box" and look at the world and what I see through the lens in new ways...thank you for the inspiration!
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