I have created this collection of images on my website to honor all the people (associates, customers and vendors) who have been part of the BWP experience. It is dedicated to the hard work and devotion that went into what was the most incredible work environment that I was ever privileged to participate in. I have populated this site with memories of those moments in time that we were together to rejoice, celebrate and enjoy our journey. The images are unedited, and some may be of poor quality. My working theory is that even a blurry glimpse of a long-ago treasured moment is worthwhile sharing. Some will bring a smile and others might evoke a tear .... but they are our memories and they belong to us.

Where possible, I have created files sorted by date followed by subject matter. There will files that contain multiple events. This is due to the nature of the old "Film" cameras where a single roll could live in a camera for many months or even years if that particular camera was in a desk drawer and seldom used. 

This is going to be a work in progress as my photographic files are extensive and exist in various formats from film to digital to video. Be patient and come back from time to time to see what has been added.

Thinking of you all