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Created 5-May-17
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Most people are drawn to the overall character and beauty of the individual automobile; as well they should. I admit that I am, at first, one of them as well. After the first observation I begin examining and probing for the "pieces" that are responsible for my first glance. Hood ornaments are usually easy prey. The turn of fenders, the power of grills, splashes of intense color AND the abstract presentation that is often times enhanced by where and how the vehicle is displayed. It is the "hunt" for these prizes that move me deeper into each subject.
Crimson LadyInto The Wind1949 Cadillac Hood OrnamentFlying Lady_X6A1857-Edit-EditBig Chief Pontiac1938 Plymouth Hood OrnamentFiddy Seven Caddy57 Cadillac Hood OrnamentCadillac Bugel BoyNo MistakeMaxim Motor Co.Orange EyesSay CheeeeseMade In AmericaNo DoubtMoody BlueDeep Space ProbeLamborgini Huracan_X6A1775

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