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Created 20-Aug-13
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Graffiti has risen from subway tags and turf markings to a full blown art form. The graffiti artists of today are masters at what they do. While many of them pursue other forms of art that are of a more permanent nature, they share with us their incredible talent on what they know is a temporary home for their imagination. The very nature of laying down your art in outdoor public places that are exposed to the elements and in easy reach of others who would "overwrite" your original art speaks to their giving nature. This is my effort to preserve some of that work.

Above all, I want to respect the individual property rights of others. If you believe that any of the images in this gallery is a violation of your intellectual property rights please notify me right away. In recording these images I try to bring something of my own interpretation to what is already there. Sometimes, that is not possible. What is there is simply there. I am doing my best to identify the artists and have made every effort to give credit to them via keywording and captions. If anyone can offer help as to the identity of any artist, PLEASE contact me.
A Walk In The ArtWynwood Eyes_1The Goodwall IIThe GirlsFour ChickensInvisible CultureEmergenceBig SisterRight FaceLeft FaceGuardian Of The TrashI Am Your FatherBroken MaskMessage BoardI See You TooMy LadyMeter In DisguiseElectric Wave222Red On Blue

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