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Created 17-Mar-16
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I am fortunate to live close enough to Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, FL to be able to attend the annual Renaissance Festival which is in residence for several weeks during the winter season ( The cast of players is never ending and their willingness to pose for portraits is exceptional. My advise is to try to engage them in conversation rather than shoving a camera in their face. You will wind up with great portraits instead of snapshots. It is truly a photo-rich environment.
The Apothecary ContemplatesThe Apothecary's AssistantMr. MoustacheResplendentCandy ManBlack BartIron MikeMartial ArtistThe ApothocaryBuccaneerScottsmanBloody BillThe Wandering MinstralFidgetBright EyeWatch it!Celtic Mahem IIRalphie The RagpickerThe Wandering Minstral IIThrowing Star

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